Sicily in Saxapahaw

Feb 14, 2020 379

Whenever filmmaker Mark Spano would reference his Sicilian ancestry, he often got the same remark — “oh, your father must be in the mafia.” To which Spano would reply, “no, my father worked in a steel mill.” Spano, an Orange County-based Sicilian-American, hopes that his 2018 film, “Sicily: Land of Love & Strife” will educate viewers about the “true” Sicily.

The documentary will be shown during the first-ever Sicily in Saxapahaw event from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. Sunday at The Culture Mill, 1616 Jordan Dr., Saxapahaw. “What we think of as unified Italy didn‘t truly unite until the 1870s,” Spano said in a recent phone interview. “Those regions today are all pretty extensive. A lot of Sicilians traveled to the United States through New Orleans and settled on the Mississippi coast.”

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