The Spaghetti Westerns Keep on Comin’: "A bullet for the general"

Feb 18, 2019 976

Sunday Only - Special intro by local film historian/journalist Jeff Berg - View Trailer. Two shows only: Saturday, February 23; Sunday, February 24. 1:00 PM. The Guild Cinema - 3405 Central Ave NE, Albuquerque. $5 Admission when you ask for the Italian Festival rate. Director, Damiano Damiani – Italy – 1967 – 118 mins – Italian with English subtitles.

At the height of the Mexican revolution, a mysterious young American joins a gang of marauders led by El Chucho in a series of savage raids to steal guns for a powerful rebel general. But when the Gringo brings his own cold-blooded ideals to the bandits, El Chucho discovers that the real weapons of war belong to no army. In a land ravaged by poverty and violence, can true freedom be bought with a single bullet?

The first Zapata Spaghetti Western, Bullet is considered to be an allegory about US involvement in South American politics. Also known as QUIEN SABE?, this thrilling epic features some of the most surprising performances, radical politics and shocking violence of any Spaghetti Western ever made.

SOURCE: Italy in New Mexico

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