St Ambrose Catholic Church on The Hill - Evelyn Astengo's Masterpiece on Display

Feb 10, 2022 587

"The primary intention of my religious paintings is depicting God’s love for us, a love that can be emanated from Himself or, indirectly, from any creation of Him. God’s love is absolute, regardless of how we perceive it in our limitations. In my work "The Madonna and Her Children" I wanted to represent a realistic young holy Mary loving her Son and loving us as her children as well.

I painted her physical features in accordance with the descriptions in Marian apparitions to different saints and lay people as well. Although the colors of skin hair, and eyes differ from one description to another, I noticed how much the “shapes” and other details are actually similar. All the descriptions report the Holy Mary as incredibly beautiful." - Evelyn Astegno

Evelyn is a native of Vicenza in the Veneto region of north-eastern Italy. She currently resides in St. Louis where she specializes in religious artworks. Her paintings have been displayed in numerous galleries of art throughout the United States and Italy. These pieces are available for purchase. For inquiries, please contact Evelyn at 636-346-0764 or by emailing:

The Italian Community of St Louis would like to thank the pastor Fr. Jack Siefert and his staff, Tina Hogan, Lydia Thompson, and Jennifer Meehan, for their hospitality, friendliness, and for welcoming us to St Ambrose. We are so thrilled that the "Madonna and Her Children" painting is being displayed at this historic church. We hope that it will serve to uplift all who gaze on the tenderness of the Blessed Mother Mary. We pray for the conversion of heart for those who are burdened by hatred and jealousy and we pray for all the parishioners of this beautiful parish.

SOURCE: Italian Community of St Louis

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