A Summer in Naples

Jun 11, 2018 347


Summer in Naples is simply magical! As Italy’s third largest city, there is never a shortage of entertaining activities to engage in. Naples has been inhabited since ancient times. This is reflected in the elegant architecture that dates back to the Greek and Roman empires. In addition, the city overlooks the beautiful Tyrrhenian Sea. Naples is a bustling port city and traveler’s dream! Visiting Naples is a full sensory experience, with sites to see, food to try, and ruins to tour. In the evenings, music fills the air as tourists and locals fill the streets.

Checking Out Castel Nuovo

This beautiful medieval castle adds interest to the Naples skyline and is considered one of the most popular sites. The castle has five towers, as well as a beautiful archway entrance. The property has a lovely courtyard for visitors to relax in. A top of the castle’s towers, I caught incredible views of the harbor and historical architecture in the city. The painted ceiling in Baron’s Hall should not be missed!

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