Support Post-Production of Lucia Mauro's new documentary that honors the unsung immigrant heroes who built the American West

Sep 03, 2021 722

Chicago writer-director Lucia Mauro announces completion of production for her new documentary, The Loneliest Road,  in Eureka, Nevada. The film was inspired by Fresno, Calif. author Silvio Manno’s 2016 book, Charcoal and Blood: Italian Immigrants in Eureka, Nevada and the Fish Creek Massacre, which unveils the little-known 1879 shooting of five Italian-immigrant charcoal burners, who were striking for better wages, by a sheriff's posse on the burgeoning mining frontier.   

“I read an article about Silvio and his book in We The Italians Magazine in Fall 2019," says Lucia Mauro.  "I was so inspired by his passion and dedication to letting the world know about this tragic injustice. We began a correspondence and were all determined to make this documentary a reality to share with a wider audience. And we did!."

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SOURCE: Lucia Mauro

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