Swimming, European Short-Course Championships: historic Italy, the Azzurri close with 35 medals

Nov 08, 2021 845

Italy is a record-breaker at the European Short-Course Swimming Championships in Kazan: the Italian expedition closes the event with a total of 35 medals, even 11 on the last day of competition. The gold medals of the last day come from Gregorio Paltrinieri, Marco Orsi and Arianna Castiglioni, then silver medals for Benedetta Pilato, Lorenzo Mora, Alberto Razzetti, Alessandro Miressi and the 4x50 mixed / mixed, finally bronze for Michele Lamberti, Nicolò Martinenghi and Silvia Di Pietro.

Italy closes the European Short-Course with a record of 35 medals: 7 gold, 18 silver and 10 bronze. Truly a week to remember for the blue swimming. It is Marco Orsi who starts with a splendid gold in the 100 mixed: the already European champion in 2017 in Copenhagen, repeats the success in Russia closing with the Italian record. Then it's Gregorio Paltrinieri's turn to give a historic feat to Italian swimming: gold medal and European record in the 800 freestyle after a very hard race.

Gold medal also for Arianna Castiglioni in the 50 breaststroke in a legendary double victory that saw Benedetta Pilato on the second step of the podium. In the 200 backstroke it was the turn of Lorenzo Mora and Michele Lamberti, silver and bronze respectively. Like them, speaking of Italian talents, Alberto Razzetti's performance was also excellent in the 400 mixed: silver and Italian record.

Then big smiles also from Alessandro Miressi, excellent silver medal in the 100 freestyle, also a new Italian record. Very good also singularly Nicolò Martinenghi in the 50 breaststroke and Silvia Di Pietro in the 50 butterfly: bronze medal for both. In the last race of the day, the 4x50 mixed relay (2 men and 2 women, 4 different styles), yet another silver medal was won by the quartet composed of Lamberti, Martinenghi, Di Liddo and Di Pietro.

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