Talking Business with Tony Iannelli: Give police officers respect they deserve

Apr 07, 2018 529

BY: Tony Iannelli

Like many of you, I have something that I just can’t get off my mind. I keep wondering if maybe it’s just me who is bothered by it. Or maybe, just maybe, others are as concerned as I am. But something is wrong in this country, and we need to fix it for everyone’s sake.

One of the things that is very important to a community is safety. That relaxed feeling of being safe — safe at work, safe in your home, safe at sporting events and safe just walking your street at night. It’s that feeling of comfort in knowing when things get a little crazy, some well-trained professionals will show up and make it right. We sometimes take it for granted, but it’s a wonderful gift most of us enjoy here in the Lehigh Valley.

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