Ten reasons to study Italian at Rosebank's Garibaldi-Meucci Museum

Sep 08, 2014 1348

The Garibaldi-Meucci Museum, a borough cultural gem and historic landmark in Rosebank, is suggesting 10 reasons to sign up for its 12-week Italian-language classes that start Sept. 15:

1. You're planning a trip to Sicily next summer.
2. The Italian language is close to Latin, the source of 60 percent of the English vocabulary.
3. You want to be one of the 80 million people in the world who speak Italian.

4. You want to find out if your family from the old country left you some money.
5. You understand why Mozart composed most of his operas in Italian.
6. You want to learn all the ways to say "love."
7. You don't want to order squid by mistake.
8. Most people rate Italian as the most beautiful spoken language.
9. You want to know what your boyfriend's family is saying about you.
10. You love fashion, design, architecture, poetry and works of art in general.

Registration for the 90-minute classes is now open, and you have a choice of weekday, weekend or evening sessions.

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Source: http://www.silive.com

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