Thank you for attending the historic meeting of the Conference of Presidents of Major Italian American Organizations

Feb 23, 2021 406

BY: Basil M. Russo

Saturday’s National Italian American Summit Meeting represented the largest gathering of Italian American organizations in the history of our country. An unbelievable 354 organizations joined together in a display of national unity. Our program focused on discussions relating to how we fix a fragmented Italian America, how we reconnect with our younger generations, and how we move forward in our fight to save Columbus.

Committees have been formed to formulate a national policy, and a new website has been created to identify every Italian American in our country. Let’s all go to to register ourselves, and our organizations. We will meet again in a few months to continue our precedent setting journey. Here is a video for those who were unable to attend.

I thank each of you for the important role you are assuming in helping to unite the Italian American community throughout our country. Our love of our heritage, and our desire to honor the memories of our parents and grandparents, creates within us the strong bond that will insure our success.


SOURCE: Conference of Presidents of Major Italian American Organizations

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