The Erotic History of Italy with Cinzia Giorgio

Jul 17, 2015 1592

by Rick Zullo

I'm making a prediction: this podcast episode will become my most downloaded track on iTunes within a short time. What makes me think this? Well, two things. First, because the title is certain to attract people's attention when it pops up in a search. From my Google stats, I know that "dating Italian women," "sex in Italy," and "Roman orgies" are among the most common terms directing people to my website, for some reason. So I can only assume that "The Erotic History of Italy," will be a favorite among podcast listeners.

But the second reason–and more importantly–is that my guest, Cinzia Giorgio, is a true academic authority on this subject. She shares some astute explanations on the changing roles of women in Italy, relationship protocols, mammoni, and yes, the bawdy tales from the annals of Italian history and literature. Suffice to say that she knows her subject well, and I'm sure that you all will be very interested to hear what she has to say on these titillating topics.

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