The "IO SOSTENGO LA LINGUA ITALIANA" project is bearing its first fruit

Feb 04, 2015 1313

The request we made to various Associations asking for their support for the AP exams with a targeted donation (new AP courses, direct support to those students who will be taking the exam in May and other similar initiatives...) was immediately heeded by the Federazione delle Associazioni Abruzzesi (FAA). Through its President, Rosetta Romagnoli, the Association immediately took steps to collect the first funds.

The names of the first donors are:
Giuseppe Gioioso, Francesco Gioioso, Elisabeth Ventresca, Gigliola Staffilani, Aprutium, Associazione e Gruppo di lavoro, Donne d'Abruzzo, Federazione Associazioni Abruzzesi. For those who wish to join in or learn more about the iniziative please visit the website of the Scholastic Office at and click the HELP US page! Thanks!

Source: Italian Consulate in Boston

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