This Custom LaFerrari Is Like a 950 HP Italian Flag in America

Jul 01, 2016 810

What? You didn't expect to see a Ferrari halo car dressed in the Italian flag colors front its splitter to its wing, did you? That would be downright vulgar, so the Prancing Horse would never allow such a contraption to roll out the factory gates in Maranello. Sure, Ferrari does offer its tailor-made services to LaF customers, but if you're looking for a 950 hp (make that 960 PS) Italian flag, the color scheme you see here is probably what you'll end up with.

We've seen multiple Ferrari hybrids wearing various shades of Red, mixed with dark roofs, but the one we have here brings a melange that also involves the White piping running from the nose of the supercar to just aft of its passenger cell (lens tip to The Stradman for the pic).

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