Time for pizzagaina: New Haven area restaurants celebrate Easter with Italian ham pie

Apr 01, 2023 2950

BY: Vinnie Penn

Pizzagaina, also known as ham pie, is a delicacy Italian traditionalists will tell you is only to be made on Good Friday and eaten Easter weekend. Many will relay stories of doing this with their grandmothers growing up, and now doing it with their own children, nonna's recipe in tow. Some deem it acceptable to eat during Lent, and local Italian delis serve it up from Ash Wednesday through Easter.

It is just what it sounds like: ham pie. Loaded with basket cheese and diced ham inside a crust, many makers oftentimes eschew the circular shape in favor of the rectangular pan and might even add other cured meats, like pepperoni and prosciutto to the dish. Regina Falcigno-Criscuolo, owner of Petonito's Pastry and Cupcake Shoppe, begins making ham pie to order from late winter and on.

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SOURCE: https://www.thehour.com

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