Tiramisu World Cup, here are the two best desserts in the world (classic and creative)

Oct 13, 2021 274

The Tiramisù World Cup was held in Treviso (Veneto), a contest in which 200 non-professional pastry chefs compete in the execution of one of the most famous Italian desserts in the world. In the "original recipe" category, a heart-shaped dessert won. In the "creative" category, a version with ham and melon. Various criteria were used for the evaluation: technical execution, aesthetic presentation, intensity of taste, balance of the dish, flavor and harmony and perception of lightness. 

Competitors who signed up for the "original recipe" category used in the preparation only eggs, sugar, mascarpone cheese, lady fingers, coffee and cocoa. There was more elasticity instead for the presentation. The winner is Stefano Serafini, 62 years old, jeweler, originally from Venice but living in Bassano del Grappa (Vicenza). What convinced the judges was not only the goodness of the original recipe, but also the shape: a perfect heart.

In the second category, a maximum of three ingredients could be added to the basic ones, with the possibility of substituting the cookie. And so the competition saw some really interesting versions such as the one with yuzu chocolate and hazelnut paste, or the version with pistachio cream, raspberries and gold dust. What struck the judges most, however, was the tiramisu with toasted raw ham, melon and Pavesini by Elena Bonali.

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