Tom Brady is one reason why you know so little about 49ers QB Jimmy Garoppolo's personal life

Jan 17, 2020 724

BY: Katie Dowd

If you feel like you don't really know Jimmy Garoppolo, you're not alone. His pre- and post-game interviews are mundane. His Instagram is comprised mainly of game photos with the occasional ad peppered in: a local luxury car dealership, the Men's Wearhouse, New Era or Bose. He doesn't even have a "personal life" section on his Wikipedia page. With one major, TMZ-headlining exception, his private life has rarely entered the public arena.

He's as understated as a movie-star-handsome, on-the-brink-of-a-Super Bowl quarterback can be. And part of that business-first face is because of former teammate Tom Brady. Although their relationship has at times been portrayed as contentious, Garoppolo is generous in his praise of Brady since leaving the New England Patriots. From Brady, he gleaned lessons that were less about football than they were about handling the scrutiny of the spotlight.

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