Top 10 Reasons to Revisit Arthur Avenue This Fall

Aug 06, 2021 446

Now that travel is opening up, we can leave behind our pajamas and webcams to reconnect with the places we love; to enjoy the sights, sounds, aromas, and tastes we have been missing during our collective quarantines. So here is my list of reasons to come back to Bronx Little Italy and savor the best Italian American shopping and dining enclave in New York City. 

10) You can’t eat a “virtual” oyster

Cosenza’s sidewalk raw bar is the perfect al fresco experience on a sunny day. Those plump, fresh oysters, clams, and exquisite shrimp are calling out to all the seafood mavens. (Particularly those who enjoy paying ½ of what you’d pay at any seafood restaurant in Manhattan or Brooklyn.)

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