Tortellini in broth, the Boxing Day dish of Santo Stefano

Dec 25, 2022 656

BY: Michela Becchi

Traditionally in Italy the celebrations also continue on December 26th, on the feast of Santo Stefano (Boxing Day). The most popular recipe is undoubtedly tortellini in broth, a hot dish perfect for colder days. An ancient tale tells that during the 13th century a marquise arrived in Castelfranco Emilia and stopped at an inn called Corona: the host, fascinated by the young woman, after having accompanied her to her room, remained to spy on her through the keyhole.

What struck him in particular was her navel and so, back in the kitchen, he decided to take inspiration from the beauty of the marquise giving a new shape to the pasta. But this is just one of the many legends about the birth of tortellini, whose authorship has long been disputed between Bologna and Modena. The recipe for the filling, as always, changes from family to family, while the favorite way of enjoying them in Emilia is swimming in a good meat broth.

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