Transhumance wins UNESCO status

Dec 12, 2019 627

Transhumance, the traditional farming practice of seasonal migration of livestock along storied tracks towards better climate conditions, was unanimously inserted Wednesday into UNESCO's list of of intangible cultural heritage. The successful bid was made by Italy, Austria and Greece. With this new inclusion, Italy has overtaken Turkey and Belgium into top spot for rural and agri-food citations.

Some of the talismanic places include Trentino, Amatrice, Irpinia, and Puglia. Transhumance - literally, "crossing ground" - sees herders, often on horseback and accompanied by dogs, drive sheep and sometimes cattle across the country in search of seasonal pastures. The tradition isn't unique to Italy, but the country remains one of the few in Europe to have preserved its ancient network of transhumance routes, some of which are still used by herders today. 

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