The Trevi Fountain, Italian wonder to be preserved

May 25, 2023 114

BY: Marica Musumarra

The Trevi Fountain in the homonymous square is one of the masterpieces of Rome and one of its most famous symbols in the world. Immortalized by Federico Fellini in the film La dolce vita, it was the backdrop to the iconic bathing scene of Marcello Mastroianni and Anita Ekberg who renewed her universal celebrity. As a symbol it has often been used for more or less artistic or political claims. 

The last were some climate activists who poured black charcoal-based liquid into the fountain tanks in protest against the dangers of global warming. Fortunately, it has been possible to restore the Trevi Fountain in all its glory; regardless of the reasons, it is certain that every Italian citizen feels sorry to see a similar monument reduced in certain conditions. 

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