‘Turning’: New play about gymnasts sticks the landing with powerful final scene

Mar 01, 2021 275

BY: Jay Lustig

The three main characters of “Turning” — which will be presented through March 7 with social distancing precautions at the Lackland Performing Arts Center in Hackettstown — can perform impressive gymnastic moves. But they can’t dance. At least at the moment, as the play starts.

They’re female American Olympic athletes, attending a ball on the ocean liner that is taking them to compete in the 1936 Summer Olympics in Berlin, and the guys never ask them to dance. Why, we never learn. Maybe just shyness. But Ada (Taylor Congdon), Jennie (Emily Williams) and Mary (Ally Borgstrom) wait — talking, drinking and horsing around — for most of the play. I

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SOURCE: https://www.njarts.net

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