Two Reasons I Love Italian Wine

Mar 03, 2016 345

There are two reasons I am such a fan of Italian wines these days.

One is the dramatic improvement in quality we have seen over the last couple of decades. It started in Piedmont and Tuscany then, as they watched the money roll in, other regions, from Friuli to Sicily, discovered the advantages of moving from bulk, crap plonk to quality wines. And those wines, first the reds, then the whites, just keep getting better and better.

The other is the plethora of attractive, charming and articulate women running family business these days. Almost unheard of a generation ago, Italian wine is embracing the 21st century and the modern, globalized wine world with alacrity, with women shining in all aspects of the business as they move from the kitchen into the vineyard, the winery and the wider world as promoters of their wines.

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