Two sites along the Adriatic shore visited by angels

Jun 25, 2019 710


The Adriatic coast of Italy is one with many secrets, among which two sites that have been visited by angels of all stripes: some of them have hovered over the land for centuries.  Perhaps today they have finally vacated the territory, because the many traditional - and sometimes weary sagre that used to attract every member of the villages around have more likely become celebrations of the local sports team with balloons and banners of all colors, instead of religious processions featuring holy relics from some patron saint or other. 

The many earthquakes that have rumbled through the glades and mountain passes of the terrain may perhaps explain this secularization of the locale to which one must likewise add the effects of the modern means of communication ---twitter, Facebook, and television in general.Nonetheless, history still records certain world-shaking events that continue to draw people who appreciate the spectacular beauty of the sandy shore towns and cities of the region. From Termoli down to Monte Gargano and with side excursions to Andria and Torremaggiore, there are legendary memories that make one think about how men great and small met their angel, either for good or otherwise.

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