UN: "Thank you, Mr. President" - UNIS students' tribute to Sergio Mattarella

May 09, 2024 192

BY: Francesca Di Matteo

"Thank you, Mr. President." A large billboard with blue lettering on a white background appeared outside the Glass Palace immediately after President Sergio Mattarella's speech during his visit to New York for a significant address at the United Nations General Assembly.

Paying tribute to the President of the Italian Republic with a bold "THANK YOU" accompanied by the Italian flag and the United Nations flag were the students of UNIS - United Nations International School.

This unique and prestigious school, located in Manhattan and among the most renowned in New York State, is an international institution where the children of top UN officials study alongside many American and international students interested in an educational path rooted in the values and philosophy of the United Nations. From nursery school to high school, UNIS students follow the goals of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. These objectives, outlined in the resolution adopted by the General Assembly in 2015, include combating poverty, inequality, and climate change, as well as ensuring access to education, gender equality, decent work, peace, and justice. The ultimate goal of building peaceful societies that respect human rights serves as the foundational pillars of this school, where young people from 98 different countries, speaking 86 different mother tongues, study.

A small microcosm of peace, coexistence, and equality, UNIS offers hope for a better future, as suggested by the school's own slogan: "UNIS, A Better World.”

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