Upcoming Italian Festa celebrates end of prohibition

Jun 12, 2018 322

Saluting Mendocino’s local Italian grape-growing history and the 85th anniversary of the Repeal of Prohibition, Leadership Mendocino presents an Italian Festa at Testa Vineyards on Friday, June 15. “It’s the perfect venue,” says Ruth Valenzuela, a Leadership Mendocino graduate and the creator of the theme-relevant clues for the traditional “treasure hunt.” The Testa family, now in its sixth generation on the ranch, is one of many families in the area who had to literally go underground to their cellars in order to drink a glass of wine with dinner from 1920 through 1932.

In front of the Testa tasting room, which is also home to parts of the old still (the rest was appropriated in the late 1920s by the revenuers never to be seen again) sits a running 1927 vintage Model T truck. Guests can get their photos taken behind the wheel before getting together with their tablemates to go on a “treasure hunt” racing the revenuers to the “hooch.”

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