From Venice, Italy to St. Pete, Florida: Imagine the pasta-bilities

Jun 22, 2021 310

BY: Veronica Brezina

When Florida native David Caruso ventured into DalMoros Fresh Pasta To Go in Venice, Italy, he knew he wanted to be the first to bring the brand to the United States -specifically, St. Pete. DalMoros Fresh Pasta To Go was founded in Venice in 2012 by seventh-generation Venetian Gabriele Dal Moro. The St. Pete location opened in late May inside a 1,000-square-foot space at 653 Central Avenue. The restaurant serves homemade pasta and sauces in to-go-style packaging.

Caruso and his family, who reside in Sarasota, learned about the popular restaurant franchise over a year ago, which is when he and his father and booked a trip to Italy to experience the to-go concept before pursuing it even further.


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