Versace, history and legend of fashion

Nov 25, 2021 619

BY: Alexandra Amico

The story of Versace’s is the story of a family. Gianni Versace was born in Reggio Calabria where as a child he acquires the skills of a tailor’s shop. Having moved to Milan to pursuit a career in the world of fashion, in 1973 he becomes the designer for Byblos, where he works for several years until he decides to open his own fashion house. 

“Gianni Versace Donna” comes to be in 1978 with the opening of the first boutique in via della Spiga in Milan. His older brother, Santo Versace, supports Gianni right from the start focusing on the company from a management standpoint; his sister Donatella will become part of the business in 1988, with the artistic direction of the brand Versus, the brand’s line for young people.  

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