Vinitaly International Academy Executive Wine Seminars showcase "Italy in a Glass of Wine"

Apr 09, 2018 444

With the intent to shed a light on the hidden gems of Italian wine, Vinitaly International Academy (VIA) will host two Executive Wine Seminars during the 52nd edition of Vinitaly. Henry Davar, wine educator from USA and Vinitaly International Academy certified Italian Wine Expert, will introduce two unique tastings aimed at drawing attention to white and passito wines yet to be fully discovered and appreciated.

On Sunday April 15th, the first seminar, “L’Età del Bianco - A White Wine’s Age,” will demythologize the belief that you cannot age white wine. The tasting will introduce a unique selection of labels that stand out for their surprising evolution in the bottle. When discussing the ageing potential of Italian wines, there is a tendency to think only about red wines. 

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