Vinitaly International Puts the Spotlight on Diversity at VINO2017

Feb 10, 2017 674

Vinitaly International puts the spotlight on diversity at VINO2017. The world has never felt stronger about diversity than now, and it is no exception in the wine world today. Whether you are talking about re-discovering native grape varieties or re-evaluating the uniqueness of each terroir, or the uprise of women producers in the traditionally men-centered industry, the latest discussions in the wine world seem to share the same appreciation for diversity.

This is especially true in the U.S market where wine drinkers are often well accustomed to American wines and imported wines made from well-known international grapes, but not necessarily to the rest of the wine world. Even in an era where people can have wine delivered at their homes after perusing numerous offers on the internet sommeliers are maintaining their unique role, introducing the unknown. “American sommeliers have never been more aware of and informed about the diversity of the world's wines. And there has never been so many sommeliers actively working and sharing what they know as right now” states Levi Dalton, influential former sommelier and wine writer. The need among sommeliers to seek for interesting wines from the outer world is stronger than ever.

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