Vinny’s Italian Kitchen keeps clientele loyal with classic food, ambiance

Jan 17, 2022 339

BY: Sarah Lemon

Flirting with the camera, chef Vinny DiCostanzo still charms crowds at his namesake restaurant. Vinny’s Italian Kitchen retains the loyal clientele that two decades ago cemented DiCostanzo’s local reputation. Reborn in late 2020, Vinny’s resumed operations at its original east Medford location as though DiCostanzo and his wife, Gina, had never left. But venturing outside his comfortable milieu, the restaurateur recently stepped into the region’s television spotlight.

Airing Wednesday and Saturday evenings on Southern Oregon PBS, “All Across Oregon” is DiCostanzo’s culinary travelogue that celebrates family-run businesses. With ambitions to traverse the state and beyond, “All Across Oregon” is known not just for its subject matter, but the host’s humor and persona.

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