A Visit to Italy's Maserati Shrine and the Other, Lamer Ferrari Museum

Jan 17, 2019 524

I like museums as much as the next guy. Yes, even the ones with paintings of people who are most likely dead now and dinosaur skeletons. It’s a glimpse into artifacts from a bygone era and usually one of the few opportunities to see rare and exciting things. Sometimes they can be quite surprising, and also indicative of the people who run them.

After doing the main car museums in Italy last year, and after the unexpectedly good visit to the Alfa Romeo museum, I had a look around some other museums in the area. A friend recommended a place called the Umberto Panini Collection in Modena after hearing good things about it. Since I was already going to be around the Modena it went straight to the “must visit” list.


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SOURCE: https://jalopnik.com

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