A visit to the park of the Reggia di Caserta: discovering its history and legend

Jun 26, 2019 989


The Reggia di Caserta is certainly one of the most authentic masterpieces of Italian Baroque art and one of the most majestic and sparkling palaces in the world. This place full of history and art has also been used as a movie set for the shooting of some scenes of Star Wars and is a destination for many tourists from all over the world in every season. However, the Bourbon Royal Palace is the site of an ancient legend …

The history of the Reggia di Caserta

Charles of Bourbon was the one who decided to build one of the most beautiful Italian Royal Palaces ever. The idea and project of the King of Naples were conceived as a representative building of the Bourbon State and the Royal Palace had to be able to compete with the splendid palace of Versailles in Paris.

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SOURCE: https://www.italian-traditions.com/

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