Ways To Love Italy: Why ‘Milan Chic’ Is An Exciting Insider Travel Favorite

Sep 21, 2022 182

BY: Laura Manske

Urban Italy unfurls a wealth of spectacular travel experiences. The rich historical sites of Rome, founded in 753 BC. The artistic exuberance of Florence. The epic grandeur of romantic sea-faring Venice with its Grand Canal and more than 110 islands and 400 bridges.

The architecture, gastronomy and heritage of Palermo in Sicily, a crossroad of civilizations for millennia. These very popular cities draw the most interest from travelers to Italy. Yet you’d be amply rewarded to widen your attention to include another distinctive gem: Milan — a world capital of high-design, fashion excellence, innovative aesthetics, bounteous creativity and cultural dynamism.

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SOURCE: https://www.forbes.com

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