Weekly Reader: Italian-Americans in baseball

Dec 23, 2013 1250

by Phil Angelo

From 1932 to 1953, every New York Yankee team that won the World Series had at least two Italian-Americans in the lineup. Joe DiMaggio is best known, but there was also Yogi (Lawrence) Berra, Phil (Fiero) Rizzuto, Vic Raschi, Frankie Crosetti and Tony Lazzeri.

Lazzeri was the first Italian-American baseball star. Like DiMaggio he was an intense competitor. Once, the colorful Yankee pitcher Lefty Gomez had loaded the bases. Lazzeri called time from second base and walked slowly to the mound. "You got yourself into this," he told Gomez. "Now get yourself out of it." Italian fans called Lazzeri, "La Vecchia Volpe," the old fox.

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