Westwood’s Berardi still driven

Sep 05, 2018 486

BY: Linda Thomas

Amidst the fear and adversity from immigrating to America, a young boy from Abruzzi, Italy found inspiration for a better life in the joy of a silver dollar — a fortune to a child and a pathway to his dreams. On August 8, 1955, 16-year-old Luciano “Louie” Antonio Berardi and his family made the voyage to the United States on the SS Andrea Doria. They arrived here 63 years ago with the help of then-Sen. John F. Kennedy and Berardi’s uncle Giacomo, who sponsored the family of seven.

Soon after arriving on Liberty Island in New York Harbor, the family went on to Boston and settled in Jamaica Plain. The oldest of six brothers, Berardi never had a chance to get a formal education; instead, he worked at odd jobs to help support the family while his father opened a neighborhood market on the first floor of a three-decker at which the family lived on the second floor.

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