What's up with WTI: Editorial # 107

Sep 15, 2018 638

Ciao from Rome, welcome to the #107 magazine of We the Italians! Summer is ending, everybody came back to work here in Italy and joined us, who never stop, never cease to explore and promote Italy in/to/for the US. It's still early for details, and we’ve got a lot of work to do, but I'm glad to announce that just yesterday we signed an important agreement that will allow We the Italians to take the next step to grow and improve what we do: a new beginning is coming, and it's gonna be awesome! Just stay tuned.

Another important piece of news is about our other friends at IAM Books in Boston. Nicola Orichuia and Jim Pinzino will organize IDEA Boston, an Italian-inspired festival that will take place on November 2 and 3. We always support the incredible work of these guys, and we’re happy to be media partner of the festival. In the October issue of our magazine you will find the complete description of the festival: 18 presentations, 3 workshops, 1 theatrical performance, 1 silent film screening, 40+ speakers, 10 actors, 6 musicians, 1 grand final party! It will be amazing, Bravo to Nicola and Jim!! 

Two very different events regarding something Italian in the US have come to our attention, and we want to engage all our readers who live in the areas concerned.

On Sunday, September 23, the Old Church Concert Hall in Portland OR will host a concert of Italian born violin wizard Luca Ciarla. The organizers kindly provided We the Italians with 3 pairs of free tickets. So, if you’re in the area, and would like to attend to this delightful Italian musician, shoot us an email at info@wetheitalians.com The first three of you who will write us will win the tickets. We’ll be waiting for your messages!

Did you know that there is an Italian television program called Big Little Italy? In the program Francesco Panella, a great Roman restaurateur who opened his restaurant L'Antica Pesa also in Brooklyn NY, contacts three people from the Italian community in different cities around the world and together they eat in three Italian restaurants in that city, each indicated by one of the three participants. These are the episodes of season 1.

The people of the production of this wonderful tv show are fans of We the Italians, and they asked us to spread the word to our readers: they want you! So write us at info@wetheitalians.com if you speak Italian, are interested in participating and live in New Orleans LA, Philadelphia PA, Chicago IL, Miami FL or Kansas City MO.

Once again, we encourage you to take a look at the 2017 Yearbook of We the Italians. It's selling very well, plenty of people interested in knowing the stories we told last year. So thanks, and please keep buying that, here

Please, join us in our social media presence: Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube!

That’s all for now. So stay tuned, fasten your seat belt and enjoy the ride. The future’s so bright, we gotta wear shades!

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