Where To Eat Regional Italian Cuisine in NY, LA, and San Mateo

Dec 09, 2022 203

The appeal of Italian cuisine is undeniable. For many, very few things satisfy like a plate of pasta, a pizza, or a caprese. After years of mass emigration, globalization, travel and political upheaval, much of “Italian” cuisine outside of Italy has become unrecognizable. Over the years we've found a number of places where the chefs are trying to reclaim some dishes while also appealing to their guests.

Chefs the world over are balancing the need for constant inspiration and respect for tradition. They are using local ingredients and, when possible, authentic ones from a specific region to retain the integrity of the dish. In New York, LA, and San Mateo, CA, here’s where to savor a true taste of Italy.

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SOURCE: https://guide.michelin.com

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