Which SUV is more Italian? Maserati Levante vs. Alfa Stelvio

Apr 08, 2019 1199

BY: Henry Payne

The marriage of Italy and Detroit is producing some interesting DNA. All you have to do is look at the dashing Maserati Levante and Alfa Romeo Stelvio SUVs I'm hanging out with this week. That’s right, Detroit, I said Maserati and Alfa SUVs. Since the Italians bought Chrysler, the Auburn Hills family dinner table has gotten a lot bigger. Christmas dinner would be worthy of a "Saturday Night Live" sketch with Fiat Chrysler papa Mike Manley presiding.

There’s huuuuge Ram 3500 sitting next to a tiny Fiat 500: Yo, tiny, pass the cornbread. The Chrysler minivan compares notes with the Alfa Giulia Quadrifoglio: OK, OK, so you can fit 505 horses under your hood, but can you fit six kids in your back seats?

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SOURCE: https://eu.detroitnews.com

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