Who are really the Italian Americans of the third millennium? I need help for my next documentary that will be televised on the Italian Public Television

Jun 27, 2016 681

by Luca Martera

Dear friends of "We The Italians", my name is Luca and I'm an Italian documentary filmmaker, comedy writer and mass-media historian. Maybe some of you remembered the interview about the history of Italian Americans in the US Tv Industry issued on this newsletter published by Umberto Mucci and included in his book recently published "Two Flags, One Heart".

My next documentary will be focused on how customs and traditions of Italian American communities changed in the last twenty years. In this first phase of the research, I'm looking for Italian-Americans who want to do a cultural exchange. I need an accommodation for about a month during which I'll share and tell you everything always wanted to know about the "quaint boot" called Italy but were afraid to ask. In the meantime, I'd love to do a full immersion with you to improve my American English to become more and more fluent and let you to do practise with your Italian, of course. If you get in Italy one day, I'll be very glad to show you the beauties of Rome and Milan.

Here's some information about me. Born and raised in the South of Italy (Taranto, Apulia), I moved to Rome and Milan to work in the Media industry and I've been splitting between Italy and the United States since 2011. I traveled across Europe and Japan and I lived in New York City where I made documentaries about the common history between Italy and the US on behalf of Rai, the Italian Public Television. Among these, the whole history of the Italian pioneers in the United States: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DGs5x-3KMM8

I have got a non-immigrant visa for media workers in the US and my own insurance. I'm looking for a stay from mid-July. More about me: http://lucamartera.blogspot.it/2011/04/about-me.html

Contact me through my FB page: https://www.facebook.com/LucaMarteraPro

My best regards,


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