Work Remotely, Live Italian: Italy’s Welcome to Global Citizens

Apr 23, 2024 982

BY: Daniel Johnson

Italy has officially opened its doors to digital nomads worldwide with its new visa program, enabling remote workers from non-EU countries to live and work in the “Bel Paese”  for up to a year, with the possibility of annual renewals. The Italian digital nomad visa, effective as of April 4, targets highly skilled workers utilizing advanced technology to perform their duties remotely. 

According to Damien O’Farrell, a global mobility expert with over three decades of experience in facilitating immigration to Italy, “This isn’t just a regular work permit; it’s specifically crafted under article 27 of the immigration code, aimed at attracting top-tier talent to Italy”. The move is seen as a strategy to stimulate local economies by bringing in individuals who can contribute financially without displacing local jobs.

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