A Year of the Art of Rowing: Regattas in Italy

Jul 16, 2019 667

BY: Myra Robinson

When you think about it, Italians must find our Anglo-Saxon style of rowing bizarre, sitting down and travelling backwards. Perhaps theirs is more logical, as well as more elegant: think of a gondolier, for instance. Italians row standing up, facing forwards and with one oar or two. It is a very popular form of exercise and spectacle, nowhere more so than the famous Historical Regatta of Venice.

This year’s magnificent regatta will take place on September 1st, as always preceded by a water pageant in XVll century costume on August 29th including the Blessing of the Gondolieri at 6pm. It is one of the highlights of the Venetian year, so you need to plan well ahead for a good vantage point on the Grand Canal if you’re tempted to go. 

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SOURCE: https://www.italymagazine.com

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