You Gotta Try This: The Rind’s tomato burrata cup is a modern Sacramento summer treat

Jul 31, 2019 241


You don’t need to go to The Rind to find burrata, but the midtown restaurant’s seasonal spin on America’s trendiest cheese effectively captures the spirit of a Sacramento summer. Eight burrata-based dishes have been rotated through The Rind as seasonal appetizers over the last two years; past iterations have paired the cheese with peaches, pickled vegetables or shaved asparagus, executive cheesemonger and co-owner Sara Arbabian said.

Served currently in a cup made from a hollowed-out hothouse tomato, it’s the first to be labeled as a salad, since it doesn’t split all that well. Cooks start by drawing spirals around the bottom of a white bowl with a balsamic reduction and housemade piquillo pepper puree and basil oil. A bed of pea shoots from Natural Trading Co. in Newcastle serves as both a contrasting crunch and a source of stability for the cored tomato.

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