Electric conductor Emanuele Andrizzi

Jul 11, 2018 317

BY: Lou Carlozo

Conductor, composer and pianist Dr. Emanuele Andrizzi caps his emails with the declaration of another Italian artist, World War I-era writer Gabriele D’Annunzio: “Ama il tuo sogno se pur ti tormenta,” or “Love your dream even though it torments you.” It’s a refreshing tonic to the somewhat mushy 21st-Century mantra “do what you love.” And it defines Andrizzi’s steady path toward artistic mastery.

Grit and persistence characterize Andrizzi, who started learning his craft, honing his skills and earning his credentials as a teen, considered late for a classically trained pianist. It was grueling and tortuous work, but it paid off. 

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SOURCE: http://www.franoi.com/

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