IAP 239: There Ain't No Feast Without the Feast Bands!

Jul 14, 2022 315

BY: Stephanie Longo

It’s easy to make the argument that the annual feast is the soul of the Italian American neighborhood, and for the true feast aficionado, it’s the music that is the soul of the feast! And no two people know this better than this week’s guests, the talented musicians at the helm of two of Italian America’s most renowned feast bands, Marty Caliendo and Joe Annecchino.

Based in Chicago, Marty is the founder of “Caliendo’s Banda Napoletana,” while Joe is the conductor and manager of the New Jersey-based “Tony Neglia Band.” Both men have dedicated their lives and careers to preserving Italian American feast music and bands, from the songs, to the instruments, to the attire, and more.

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SOURCE: https://italianamericanpodcast.com

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