“Boom Boom” Maisano on Headlining “The Italian Chicks” in East Greenwich on June 15

Jun 13, 2019 469

Comedian Maryann “Boom Boom” Maisano appeared on GoLocal LIVE where she spoke to the upcoming performance of the “Italian Chicks” in East Greenwich on June 15 — and the reaction the show got last time it was in Rhode Island. 

“The people, the show we did last time — was so amazing. It’s like a wedding at the end of the show — there’s a reception line,” Maisano. “These people just want to hug us, kiss us, and say oh my god, that was so amazing, oh my god, it reminded me of being at Grandma’s house on Sunday. Oh my god, I heard words that I haven’t heard since my Nana was alive.”

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SOURCE: https://www.golocalprov.com

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