Beppe Gambetta in concert: "Canzoni e Melodie: Italian-American celebration for Columbus Day"

Oct 10, 2019 182

BY: Federica Calvino Prina

Saturday October 12, 2019 - 8:30 pm TOWNE CRIER CAFE 379 Main Street, Beacon, NY 845-855-1300 Tickets here. BEPPE GAMBETTA in concert: CANZONI E MELODIE: Italian-American celebration for Columbus Day. Beppe Gambetta is an Italian guitarist, vocalist and composer who found a way to make Italian and American traditions speak together with one voice.

For this special event Beppe will focus on the rich repertoire of Italian traditional and popular music, on his original compositions inspired by Italy and on the re-arrangement of songs of iconic Italian “cantautori” (singer-songwriters): a beautiful journey from serenades to opera arias, from energetic grooves of Mediterranean dances to passionate highly melodic songs.

In this special project Beppe will become also a storyteller, giving translations to the lyrics and he will accompany the audience in a journey through Italian old and new songs and the great work of artists like Fabrizio De André, Francesco Guccini, Sergio Endrigo and many more. Beppe will sing also in different regional dialects and add Italian guitar melodies to his arrangements. The evening will be a musical bond of two sides of the ocean celebrating also Italian American artists like Eddie Lang, Nick Lucas, etc.., an intriguing journey through passionate melody, poetry and guitar.

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