On the Italian Stage: the Commedia dell'Arte and Goldoni

Mar 22, 2018 604

Wednesday April 4 from 6 PM to 9 PM. NYU Casa Italiana Zerilli-Marimò - 24 W 12th St, New York 10011. On the Italian Stage is a new series of four lectures (two in the Spring and two in the Fall) conceived and led by Laura Caparrotti that journeys into the history of Italian Theater to explore its language, and its contribution to Italian society. Members of Casa Italiana’s Theater Company in Residence – KIT Kairos Italy Theater – and guest artists will read, act, and explain the most ancient form of life celebration.

The second step of this journey will explore the Commedia dell’Arte, the canovacci and the reform carried out by Carlo Goldoni. Canovacci and Lazzi; Goldoni and his reform; Reading of scenes from Teatro Comico, the play/Manifesto by Goldoni. With Giacoma Bonello, Alice Lussiana Parente, Mario Merone, Shannon Riccio. In ENGLISH with some parts in Italian. Running time 75 minutes.

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