Kairos Italy Theater Announces Finalists Of 2021 International Playwrights Series

Jan 12, 2022 263

Kairos Italy Theater, the main Italian theater company in New York, has announced the finalists for the 2021 KIT International 10 minute plays series on Political Theater. The theme was chosen as KIT celebrated the famous Italian writer Leonardo Sciascia, on the occasion of Sciascia's 100th birthday. Leonardo Sciascia (8 January 1921 - 20 November 1989) was an Italian writer, novelist, essayist, playwright, and politician, known for his work, based on political and social issues.

The 2021 call received over 140 submissions from several countries worldwide such as Italy, Turkey, Mexico, Australia and the United States. The 12 finalists are "An Afro Response to the Killing of a Latino Boy in the City That I'm From'' by Chris Blak, "Dead Wrong" by Lisa Langford, "Velveteen" by Claudia Barnett, "Miss Haversham's pandemia" by Karen McDonald, "Sideburns" by Rich Orloff, "Off Duty" by Sara Jean Accuardi, "Vote Here" by Jeff Carter San Francisco, "Quien Sois Voz?" By Diana Murillo. 


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SOURCE: https://www.broadwayworld.com/

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