Search for Italian talent in the upcoming feature film "CABRINI"

Mar 24, 2021 1402

BY: Shannon Corey

We are reaching out in hopes that your organization can assist us with our search for talent in the upcoming feature film "CABRINI," directed by Alejandro Monteverde. We are searching for talent between 6 and 70 years old for whom Italian is their first language, and who also speak english. Please find role descriptions below.

Based on true events, set in the late 19th century, this is the remarkable story of the indomitable, indefatigable Sister Francesca Cabrini whose mission in New York City to integrate and uplift the Italian immigrant changed the face of New York forever... Anyone interested should submit a photo and a little blurb about themselves to  


[FATHER MORELLI] 45, Italian, Father Morelli is the overwhelmed and exhausted priest overseeing operations of a ramshackle orphanage and decrepit hospital in the the extreme, almost surreal poverty-stricken, ghetto-like Five Points district of New York City. Taken aback by the arrival of Sister Cabrini and her coterie of nuns, he informs the women that their mission has been denied and their services no longer required. Made cynical over time, with an underlying bitterness and sense of hopelessness, he is amused, confused, intrigued and somewhat in awe of of the tenacious, indefatigable Sister Francesca Cabrini who refuses to turn her back on the wards of the Italian orphanage, despite seemingly insurmountable obstacles...SUPPORTING SPEAKS ITALIAN
[VITTORIA] 20, hard-eyed and beautiful, she is a hooker, working out of a brothel in one of the most poverty-ravaged parts of New York. Tough but not without compassion, she allows the newly arrived Sister Cabrini and her fellow nuns to stay the night in her room at the brothel, garnering the rage of her pimp, Geno. Grateful to Francesca Cabrini, who later stands up to Geno, Vittoria joins the nuns in their effort to restore the orphanage...LEAD FLUENT IN ITALIAN

[POPE LEO XIII] Head of the Church in Rome, seen at the Vatican, he is a thoughtful, gracious, kind man, with a twinkle in his eye, willing to meet with the insistent Sister Francesca Cabrini regarding her desire to found a series of orphanages in Asia. Intrigued, he tells her that he would be willing to sanction the Order's efforts in New York City where many of the Italian immigrants live in unimaginable poverty. He is clearly impressed with the nun's strength of character, candor and resolve, fascinated by the scope of her ambition...LEAD FLUENT IN ITALIAN

[CONCETTA] 25, Italian, she is a fellow nun in the same Order as Cabrini who accompanies Sister Cabrini to New York. Though hard-working, she is often dubious regarding Cabrtini's overly-ambitious schemes...SUPPORTING FLUENT IN ITALIAN

[PAOLO] 12, ragged and desperate, a street urchin after the loss of his mother, Paolo is an Italian immigrant, a mischievous, enterprising young survivor. He is clearly relieved and pleased to be taken in at the newly refurbished orphanage...SUPPORTING (2) FLUENT IN ITALIAN

[ENZO] A young Italian immigrant, in bedraggled clothing, he is a scrappy kid, a friend of Paolo, getting by as best he can. He is happy to accept Cabrini's invitation to join the others at the orphanage for dinner...SUPPORTING FLUENT IN ITALIAN

[ENRICO DISALVO] 45, mustachioed, he is the very popular and talented Italian opera singer, sought out by Sister Cabrini to help with her mission in New York. Initially annoyed, he refuses to become involved in any project supported by the Church. Later, despite all efforts to the contrary, he finds himself giving a free performance in the Park to raise money for Sister Cabrini's new project...SUPPORTING SPEAKS ITALIAN, PLEASE SUBMIT TRAINED SINGERS/OPERA SINGERS.

[GENO] Dangerous looking, brutal, hot-tempered and violent, he is Vittorio's pimp. When he turns his rage on Vittorio, he is met with a pistol-wielding Paolo and an incensed Sister Cabrini...SUPPORTING FLUENT IN ITALIAN



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