We The Italians | IT and US: Discover Sardegna innovation lifestyle. Promoting Sardinia in USA as an island of innovation

IT and US: Discover Sardegna innovation lifestyle. Promoting Sardinia in USA as an island of innovation

IT and US: Discover Sardegna innovation lifestyle. Promoting Sardinia in USA as an island of innovation

  • WTI Magazine #154 Aug 25, 2022
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Discover Sardegna Innovation Lifestyle is the project carried out by Innois, a platform for innovation of the Fondazione di Sardegna and American Chamber of Commerce in Italy AmCham, with the involvement of Smeralda Consulting as technical partner, in collaboration with We The Italians and The National Italian American Foundation NIAF. 

It was created to enhance and publicize not only the riches that characterize Sardinia, but also and above all its ecosystem of innovation, connecting it to international hubs, encouraging the circulation of ideas and strengthening a system of strategic relationships.

Several objectives have characterized the operational actions of the project from the beginning: implement an innovative system of promoting Sardinia, beyond the collective imagination; to make Sardinia known as an island ready to welcome new development inputs in the field of innovation; establish, and subsequently strengthen and consolidate, a network of stakeholders with whom to identify new lines of collaboration and business; publicize Sardinia's riches, tangible and intangible, in all their forms and with a focus on the American market.

Not only tourism, then: the project includes in its mission the narrative of a territory that is characterized by its natural aggregative phenomena, marked by the ease of circulation of information, the exchange of experiences and knowledge among the main actors of the technological ecosystem that hosts them. Sardinia beyond the collective imagination, as an island that recognizes itself for its context particularly receptive to innovation, ready to overcome the boundaries imposed by its being an island by transforming the limits generated by the pandemic into great opportunities: this is what the project wanted to tell through two major events held on July 27 in New York at Raffaele Solinas' Osteria Brooklyn in the presence of Consul Cesare Bieller, and on July 29 in Chicago at the Ristorante Macello in the presence of Consul General Thomas Botzios.

Italian institutions in New York and Chicago, tour operators, influencers, bloggers, local businesses and banks participated in the two evenings, during which Carlo Mannoni, general director of the Fondazione di Sardegna and CEO of Innois, Simone Crolla, managing director of AmCham and Alessio Tola, AmCham delegate for the region of Sardinia made their speeches on innovation and networking moments were enlivened by the award-winning cuisine of Chef Luigi Pomata, who brought to life unique and authentic dishes, harbingers of Sardinia's excellence and food and wine quality.

The two events represent only step toward creating a system of strategic relationships among stakeholders, which will create a strategic network capable of enhancing and following up on a synergistic and shared vision.


Innois is the innovation platform of the Foundation of Sardinia, created to animate, create, connect and interact. It aims to grow the territory of Sardinia as an innovation hub for the national and international Business Community: the mission is to create connections, foster the creation and circulation of ideas, and disseminate knowledge.

AmCham is the U.S. Chamber of Commerce in Italy, and was established with the purpose of fostering economic and cultural relations between the United States and Italy, promoting and protecting the interests of its members in business activity between the two countries, as well as disseminating information related to its activities among its members. Through networking and advocacy actions AmCham supports and carries out projects that place their focus on Italy-U.S. relations.

The project's technical partner, Smeralda Consulting & Associates, is a business and government services company with more than 20 years of experience in technical assistance and communication. It represents a privileged observatory of the dynamics of the regional and national economic system.