We The Italians | Italian design: Campari Soda Design Connection

Italian design: Campari Soda Design Connection

Italian design: Campari Soda Design Connection

  • WTI Magazine #130 Aug 22, 2020
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What would happen if the most famous bottle in the world meets three creative minds? #DesignConnection, of course. Design Connection is a special project commissioned by Campari where its famous conical Campari Soda bottle has been reinterpreted in design objects by three young designers: Serena Confalonieri, Matteo Agati e Agustina Bottoni. Before going further, let’s take a step back and discover how this iconic bottle was born.

Since the nineteenth century, Campari has been responsible for some of the most distinctive and innovative imagery created in Italy. In 1932 Davide Campari, not only a successful entrepreneur but also an art lover, asked the Futurist artist Fortunato Depero to create a little bottle for his signature aperitif cocktail Campari Soda. Depero conceived the bottle by simply reversing the shape of the Bitter glass, as he had previously done in his graphics.

This iconic bottle is such a timeless piece of design that remains in production today and is still used in restaurants and cocktail bars around the world. The creative bond between Campari and the world of design is well established, so much that they asked a bunch of designer to create three objects that reinterpret the famous little bottle.

The results are the #SenzaFretta clock created by Matteo Agati, which marks only the most important moment of the day which is, of course, happy hour.

The second interpretation is the #SenzaFronzoli coat rack by Agustina Bottoni, a minimal and geometrical object which was created with the help of many users through Instagram Stories.

Last but not least, we have the #SenzaMaschere lamp by Serena Confalonieri, which was inspired by and is a tribute to Depero style.

The #DesignConnection collection will be on view at Galleria Campari in Sesto San Giovanni, near Milan, Lombardy, in an installation that accompanies visitors on a voyage in time through the most important phases of the brand, with period posters, advertising and books.